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Jean Vleugels


Personal coach

All my life I have been fascinated by the psychology of people and the beauty of our cultural diversity. At the age of six I was adopted from Haiti and I was able to experience the differences between an underdeveloped country and the modern western world. Because I had to adapt to the norms and values ​​of Belgium, I had to find a balance between my own cultural background and life in Europe.

What intrigues me essentially is the fact that we all have the same primary needs putting different priorities at different moments. We must continue to develop but also learn how to be innovative, we often do not realize it and forget that our decisions have major consequences for our environment.

Over the years I have developed some techniques that help increase self-awareness, for authentic coaching I use the learning techniques of 'Luminalearning', this is a modern analytical learning method based on the 'The Big 5' models from Carl Jungand Alfred Alder. The world is a circular cycle, being able to adjust yourself optimally is the art, on a personal, business, and economic level.

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